Welcome to Rammed Earth Alternatives

Quality rammed earth builders of Perth and WA.

Rammed earth is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials in the world and is gaining immense popularity with architects, designers and home builders who are seeking environmentally-friendly building materials for their new homes.

In Western Australia where the majority of climate is ideal for thermal mass construction you can see both in the country and along the west coast rammed earth is becoming the most populuar choice for a truly sustainable environmentally-friendly home.

We specialise in quality rammed earth construction. We build in the Perth metro, outer Perth Hills, and some country areas of WA. We also build rammed limestone, rammed concrete.

Look at the beautiful artisan work featured in our Artisan Series. If it can be built from rammed earth, Jens Jacobsen and his construction team can build it! Jens prides himself on the beauty and harmonious energy of each and every wall he builds. His care and attention to detail is second to none.


We build both residential and commercial projects for architects, builders and owner builders, actually we build for anyone who needs rammed earth walls.

No matter who we build for each of our projects is special and unique. Just bring your building plans to us and Jens and his team will create your beautiful rammed earth walls.

Creative Walls

Our new Artisan Series is here.A visual paradise of color & texture limited only by your imagination.We pride ourselves on the harmonious energy of our unique…

Why choose us to build your walls?

Our primary aim is to build your walls with the utmost care and love. Because we love what we do it shows in the quality of our walls, you can see for yourself that we take …

Rammed Earth Building Course

We teach stabilised rammed earth building with our popular 2-day weekend training workshops. Our workshops are run at various locations in the Perth hills and …