Why choose rammed earth for your home?

Have you ever wondered why earth walls exude such natural beauty and have such a great feeling about them?

So many people just want to touch the walls as soon as they set eyes on them. The answer lies within the wall itself. The amazing harmonious energy of rammed earth which combines with the energies of your building site to make your house a very special home.

Rammed earth, rammed limestone and rammed concrete all have a very low embodied energy, (energy used during their production and supply) making them among the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable building methods in the world. When combined with correct solar passive design principles, it is possible to build a rammed earth home which requires no artificial heating and cooling. No air-conditioning or heating. (when correctly designed for climate)

Modern methods of determining building energy efficiency rely on a high R-value to acheive a high star rating. Relying on a high R-value to acheive energy efficiency does not tell the full story. One only has to walk inside a correctly designed solar passive rammed earth home on a hot summer day to notice the internal temperature difference and realise the house will require little or no air-conditioning in most cases. (when correctly designed for climate)

In our climate, unlike rammed earth a house constructed from a high R-value building material will always require air-conditioning to keep the house cool on a hot summer day, and will always require heating in winter. Just think of all that extra cost for air-conditioning and heating not only to your budget but to the environment.

If you are serious about building an environmentally friendly solar passive home which requires very little or no heating and cooling there is no better choice than rammed earth.