Graham and Judy Boucher

We built an alternative rammed earth home in Carmel, Perth, in Western Australia and engaged Rammed Earth Alternatives to design and construct the rammed earth walls. As the Owner Builders, we resourced all our own subcontractors and project managed the entire building …

Bob and Dee Parker

Living in the hills in the out skirts of Perth we really wanted something that would not only reflect who we are as family but also tie in with this beautiful environment. Finally having the chance to build our house the way we wanted gave us opportunities in abundance.

Workshop Testimonials

Here is some of the feedback we have received from course participants:

G’day Jens,

Just wanted to formally thank you for running a great course.  I had a blast and learnt more than I bargained for. 

Since the course my enthusiasm has for building with rammed earth has grown exponentially and I am now trying to find any project I can to begin trying out some of my new skills.

The course blended the right amount of hands on experience and knowledge as well as theoretical discussion, all of which I found valuable. Wish I had found this many moon ago as I woud been working on a RE team by now.

Thanks again.