Rammed Earth Alternatives

Rammed Earth Alternatives was established in 2000 and since then has completed more than 70 projects ranging from houses to schools and churches in both metropolitan and regional areas. 

Our team of fully trained, reliable tradesmen offer first class workmanship with a genuine caring attitude to reflect our clients’ needs and concerns, interests and dreams for their projects. We are committed to providing the utmost care and level of service every hour we are engaged on a project, whether building a mansion or a garden studio.

Every wall we build contains within it a unique life-force energy which originates from its source, our mother earth. The reason for this is that rammed earth has very little processing required prior to its use in construction.   In fact the only processing required is to grade the earth for particle size.  This raw state of the rammed earth ensures an abundance of natural life-force energy remains and is contained within the walls as they are constructed.  When the high thermal mass of rammed earth walls is combined with correct solar-passive design it also makes rammed earth one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly building materials in the world.

During construction the natural energy contained within the walls combines with surrounding energies from your building site to develop a unique presence all of its own.  Included are the harmonious energies of those people involved in construction which combine to become an intrinsic part of your environmentally-friendly home. It is those collective energies along with the energy of the occupants which gives your house it’s own feeling, and is essentially what makes your house a home.

It is therefore critical to choose a rammed earth builder who is aware of the significance of the nurturing those harmonious energies during the construction phase, because whether you realise it or not those energies will go on to play a very important role.

At Rammed Earth Alternatives, we pride ourselves on the beauty and harmonious energy of our truly unique walls.