Graham and Judy Boucher

We built an alternative rammed earth home in Carmel, Perth, in Western Australia and engaged Rammed Earth Alternatives to design and construct the rammed earth walls. As the Owner Builders, we resourced all our own subcontractors and project managed the entire building project from its inception to the final construction.

We approached various Rammed Earth Construction companies in Perth to provide us with the opportunity to supply their services and detail the costs to complete the rammed earth walls. During this stage we found that Rammed Earth Alternatives had the most customer oriented disposition with a number of the other suppliers giving us the good old “take it or leave it attitude”. The Rammed Earth Alternatives final pricing was also competitive and their response to our various requests was very efficient.

During the design stages, Rammed Earth Alternatives listened to our requirements and then provided us with very useful input into the detail design and layout works. As an engineer, I noted the quality of the construction drawings which they provided for the construction phase. They became very involved with the whole surrounding land and building integration and became integrated with the aura or “feel” of the property.

During the construction phase, the work was carried out efficiently and was well managed on site. The site personnel actually enjoyed being there and working on our site. The enthusiasm rubs off in the quality of the work which was excellent. Jens, the owner of Rammed Earth Alternatives was on site at all times managing the day to day construction and sorting out any issues that arose. Jens always remained in constant contact with us as the owners of and provided us with updated progress reports. Any change or improvements were discussed as the work progressed. Any change in the initial design (and their were a few) were never a problem to Rammed Earth Alternatives who remained flexible at all times. The other big plus is that Rammed Earth Alternatives only took on one project at a time ensuring on time completion with no delays.

The finished product has been superb and we have received numerous complements on the house as it has progressed to completion. We would not hesitate to recommend Rammed Earth Alternatives to anyone considering this type of construction.

We would also gladly discuss our experiences with any potential new clients who are considering using Rammed Earth Alternatives.

Graham and Judy Boucher (Owner Builders).