Be Creative

Our work is about more than simply doing a job. It is a passion. 

At Rammed Earth Alternatives, we invite and encourage extensive participation from you, our client – to express your individuality in letting us build something that is uniquely you. In fact, we pride ourselves on working together with you to ensure that, through your input into the design, the walls that we build are an expression of yourself.

Our clients have often given precious things that we have built into the walls – for example, a sculpture, designed by a particularly artistic client that we built into a recess in a wall. Another of our projects was for a client who had a great affinity with the Kimberley and who had different coloured bags of sand from the region, which we used to make patterns in the walls.

Other clients choose to use foliage from their property that we will place into their wall during the construction process, which leaves a stunning imprint when removed for the final product. The final result is a home with a nurturing atmosphere built into the very fibre of its being – its walls. In fact, Rammed Earth Alternatives walls are works of art that you can live in.